The Playful Payoff

TPP is all about how to END that constant on-going battle and learn how to approach the next struggle with way less drama.

So how does this

Playful Parent Coaching

Thing Work?

What We'll Do

During our work together, we will:

Create Short and Long Term Goals

Goal setting is one of my strengths! See progress on your goals in the first 4 weeks of live 1:1 sessions

Get to the bottom of that Constant-Never-Ending Parenting Battle for Good

Using my unique tailored-for-you parenting plan, you will reach your goal.

Learn how to approach the next problem that Childhood throws your way without completely losing it!

I will let you in on my secret process for creating playful parenting plans. By our last session, you will be able to squash any power struggle with the lessons you've learned!

And We'll Do it Through:

Six Weekly 60m 1:1 Live Coaching Sessions

A Personalize Parenting Plan: Made Just for YOUR Family with your unique needs, interests, and strengths

Weekly Voxer and email access to me for accountability and support

My library of pre-recorded homework with 6 learning modules

All packages begin with a free initial consult

The Playful Payoff Program

Learning Modules

Module 1: Playful Preparation

Prep for putting your parenting plan in action! Included in this Module:

  • Video: The 2 week Rule

  • Video: The Adult Time-Out

  • Video: How-to Parenting Cheat Sheet Tutorial

  • PDF: Things to keep in mind as you pivot your parenting approach

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Module 2: The Playful Plan

Before your second live session, you should have received your Personalized Parenting Plan. This module is a great complement:

  • Video: Ways to use Play

  • Video: 7 ways to use play to get your kids to follow along

    *PDF download with details

  • 3 steps to an apology

    *PDF download with details

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Module 3: Playful Boundaries

You may experience some push back from your kids after starting your plan. These lessons give you tools AND help you hold your boundaries

  • Video: Personalized feelings chart

  • Video: How to do a "Reset"

  • Video: What to do when you feel like you are holding boundaries all day long

    *PDF: Fun family activities to help when you have pushback

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Module 4: Playfully Balanced

This module is a deeper dive on how to teach coping skills to your kids so that they actually use them!

  • Video: How to set up and use a calm down space

  • Video: How to get kids to use calm down spaces

  • Video: Secret Calming techniques

  • PDF: Deep breath games

  • PDF: Calm down Boxes

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Module 5: Playful Planning

  • Video: How to create a Playful Plan with Meghan's formula

  • PDF: Playful Plan Goal Worksheet

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Module 6: Future Payoffs

Get ready for the next childhood battle with my Magical Flow chart. Learn when and how to use it so that you can make more successful parent plans. 

  • Video: When do I Create a new Plan?

  • Video: How to use the Magical Flow Chart

  • PDF: Meghan's Magical Flow Chart

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Got Questions?


What is a Certified Clini-Coach®?

A Certified Clini-Coach®  is a person who has a license to practice therapy who goes on to become certified to provide ethical coaching. In other words, a clinically-trained coach. 

This means that as a Clini-Coach®, I bring specific expertise that other coaches may not. 

I have 15+ years experience as a therapist working with kids, families, parents, and teens. I decided to get my Clini-Coach® Certification so that I can help more families with what I have learned.

As such, I am trained to... 

  • Recognize when a coaching client will gain more through therapy and where to refer 

  • Recognize when a client needs a higher level of service outside of my scope of expertise and where to refer 

  • Provide ethical coaching that avoids doing harm. In other words, not accidentally providing therapy.

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What if we come to coaching for one child, and have questions about another one of our kids?

This happens all the time! It is amazing what can happen within family dynamics within 6 short weeks. If you have other questions, I am happy to help you meet all your family goals as time allows. 

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What is Voxer and how often can I use it?

Voxer is a voice messaging app.

Some people really like to talk things out rather than type or text.

Some people prefer email.

Either one works for me!

You can ask questions anytime between sessions, I will respond back during my office hours:

M, W, F between 8:30 and 10:30am

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Do you also work with preschools, teachers, family therapist, etc?

If you sign a release of information, I can work in conjunction with your child's school or therapist.  

In fact, the more everyone is on the same page, the better.  

These individuals can be invited to one of our live sessions, or I can add more sessions for an additional fee. 

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What is the difference between Therapy and Coaching?

Therapists manage mental health diagnosis and coaches do not. 

A Clini-Coach® can recognize when a client needs a higher level of care or therapy referral. 

Therapists focus a lot on the past and why that dictates our present and future. Coaches work towards a specific goal and how to impact our present and future. 

As a family and child therapist, I used to work through family and individual trauma. I would help them see why those experiences motivated thier behaviors, and to how to heal.  

As a coach, I help families learn ways to work through typical childhood experiences. All while bonding and raising resilient children.  

As a therapist, I worked directly with families and children.  As a parenting coach, I only work with the parents so they can use the skills at home. 

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What if I have to skip a live session?

Holidays come and go. Vacations are important. Work trips can't be rescheduled. Kids get sick. Emergencies happen.

I get it! Flexibility is so important to me.

In fact, lots of families love a few weekly sessions, and then request to space them out every other week. You can finish the program in 6 weeks- or I can push it to a max of 12 weeks if you like. 

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Do you work directly with my kids?

I do not work directly with your kids- just you! The Parents!

The reason for this is that most kids will not show their behaviors for me- especially not through a screen. 

Also- I believe you. I believe that your child is struggling with x,y,z right now- even if I don't see it. 

My goal is to get YOU confident with the skills so that you bond more and battle less at home. 

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What if I want more sessions after program graduation?

I can offer additional sessions after graduation as needed at a returning client discount. 

For more information on the total program investment, scroll down. 

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Everything Below is Included!

Live Video Sessions

•Six live 1:1 sessions with a Clinically Trained Coach

Plus a FREE 20 minute first-time consult

Parenting Plan

Personalized Parenting Plan created to meet your family goals- keeping your family values, strengths, and interests in mind

Messaging Contact Between Sessions

Email Meghan or use Voxer: a voice messaging app between sessions. Get answers 3 days a week during office hours

Portal Access

Get access to pre-recorded videos, instructional PDFs, helpful homework assignments, and fun family activities

Program Investment

The Playful Playoff Program

One time payment of $750

That's just $125 a week!!

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