Episode Four

Meet Cerissa Rhodes! Cerissa is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Parenting Coach. Her specialty is anxious kids, anxious parents, and how to manage it all! Listen as she talks about what anxiety looks like in our kids and her top tips for dealing with them.

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Episode Three

Join me as I talk to Roxy Borger about her upcoming retreat in the beautiful Big Sur, Ca. and why retreats are so good for the parent soul.

Roxy is dedicated to helping people move body, heart, and soul. She is a certified Yoga, Barre, and Wilderness Guide and has been teaching and leading groups towards more presence, joy, and aliveness since 2000. Her sessions are calm, grounded, fun, juicy and include lots of down-to-earth, silly karaoke moments.

Learn how taking time for YOURSELF actually gives back to your kids tenfold.

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Episode Two

Meet Kellie Prophet! She is a therapist turned life-coach. She helps people go from stuck and self-sabotaging to free and thriving!

As parents, we're always putting our kids first. We want to make sure they have everything they need to be happy and healthy, and we often neglect our own needs in the process. We might skip our own workouts, eat unhealthy foods, or not get enough sleep. We might also avoid taking time for ourselves to relax and de-stress.

When we're not taking care of ourselves, we're not able to be the best parents we can be. We're more likely to be irritable and stressed, and we're less likely to be able to connect with our kids on a deep level.

So in this episode, I talk with Kellie Prophet about some of the ways we self-sabotage, and why we do it. She also shares some tips on how to stop self-sabotaging and start taking care of yourself. If you're a parent who is feeling overwhelmed and stressed, I encourage you to listen to this episode. It might just help you to start taking better care of yourself.

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Episode One

Meet Shelley Martinez! She is an LPCC (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor) AND an Emotional Eating Clini-Coach®. She helps people to feel great about food and love their bodies without dieting. One of her specialties is helping others become successful with intuitive eating. What is intuitive eating? It's learning to trust your body to make food choices that feel GOOD in your body without dieting or self judgement. Check out our conversation about how to eat intuitively as a family so your kids grow up with a healthy relationship with food.

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