Hi! I'm Meghan

I was a family and play therapist before I had kids.

Now I am a therapist turned Certified Clini-Coach®!I loved doing play therapy, but I soon realized... playing with my own kids isn't actually my favorite thing to do. Over the years, I have learned how to make play pretty fun (for me!).

As a result, I have been able to navigate those pesky childhood challenges with ease.

Now I have the energy to help parents like you do the same!

What is playful parenting?

Playful parenting is an approach to raising children that emphasizes the importance of play in building strong connections, fostering confidence, and solving behavior problems.

It is about incorporating play into all aspects of parenting, from everyday interactions to discipline.


  • Stronger parent-child relationships:

    Playful parenting can help parents and children connect on a deeper level, build trust, and create lasting memories.

  • Improved behavior

    Playful parenting can help children develop self-control, learn to cooperate, and express their emotions in healthy ways.

  • Increased confidence:

    Playful parenting can help children feel good about themselves, develop their strengths ,and believe in their abilities.

  • Greater resilience:

    Playful parenting can help children learn to cope with challenges, setbacks, and disappointments.

  • More joy in parenting:

    Playful parenting can make parenting more enjoyable for both parents and children.

If you're looking for a way to connect with your child, foster their development, and make parenting more fun, playful parenting is a great approach to try.


The Playful Payoff

This is 1:1 parent coaching (with parents only)

  • 6 one-hour weekly 1:1 coaching sessions via video chat

  • Personalized Parenting Plan

  • Library of pre-corded materials and helpul homework assignments

  • Email and messaging support

Ditch the Diapers!

Potty Training Coaching and Support

Do you have a group of like-minded Parents, all ready to potty train? Save money and sign up for group coaching!

Would you rather have 1:1 support?

No problem! Whether you are starting this journey for the first time or re-starting with your kiddo, I have got your back!

  • 90 minute educational virtual meeting

  • 6 live virtual coaching sessions

  • 6 weeks of support

Playful Parenting Works! Online Course

Learn the basics to Meghan's Playful Parenting and how to use it on daily parenting challenges

  • Go at your own pace

  • 5 lessons

  • Comes with mini-plan and 45 minute 1:1 call with Meghan

Parents of Preschoolers Support Group

and Q&A

  • Weekly Video Drop in group to chat about parenting during the challenging preschool years (2-5 years old)

  • Opportunities for Q&A playful plan creation with Meghan


"I really appreciate the personalized and light approach to addressing parenting life challenges. Having someone I can reach out to during those bumpy moments is so helpful. Thanks Meghan for all you do to help families have more fun!"

"Meghan provided me with vital support and expert advice that improved my parenting, my confidence in parenting, and connections with my kids. The work was truly one of the most valuable experiences of my life"

“We were so thankful to have the chance to work with Meghan. After almost ten years of parenting experience, we felt like we had heard most parenting advice that is out there. But we also felt so stuck with some of the behavioral issues we were dealing with. Meghan not only listened to us and gave us a safe place to talk things through, but she introduced us to some new ways of thinking that totally turned things around. The many behavior/discipline issues we were dealing with now seamed less like a fight and more like a chance to playfully rehearse how to respond."


What is a Certified Clini-Coach®?

A Certified Clini-Coach®  is a person who has a license to practice therapy who goes on to become certified to provide ethical coaching. In other words, a clinically-trained coach. 

This means that as a Clini-Coach®, I bring specific expertise that other coaches may not. I have 15+ years experience as a therapist working with kids, families, parents, and teens.

I decided to get my Clini-Coach® Certification so that I can help more families with what I have learned.

As such, I am trained to... 

  • Recognize when a coaching client will gain more through therapy and where to refer 

  • Recognize when a client needs a higher level of service outside of my scope of expertise and where to refer 

  • Provide ethical coaching that avoids doing harm. In other words, not accidentally providing therapy.

What is the difference between Therapy and Coaching with a Certified Clini-Coach®?

Therapists manage mental health diagnosis and coaches do not. 

A Clini-Coach® can recognize when a client needs a higher level of care or therapy referral. 

Therapists focus a lot on the past and why that dictates our present and future. Coaches work towards a specific goal and how to impact our present and future. As a family and child therapist, I used to work through family and individual trauma. I would help them see why those experiences motivated thier behaviors, and to how to heal.  

As a coach, I help families learn ways to work through typical childhood experiences. All while bonding and raising resilient children.  As a therapist, I worked directly with families and children.  As a parenting coach, I only work with the parents so they can use the skills at home. 

Do you work directly with my kids?

I do not work directly with your kids- just you! The Parents!

The reason for this is that most kids will not show their behaviors for me- especially not through a screen. 

Also- I believe you. I believe that your child is struggling with x,y,z right now- even if I don't see it. 

My goal is to get YOU confident with the skills so that you bond more and battle less at home. 

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