Parent Coaching

What is Parent Coaching?

As a Certified Parenting Clini-Coach®, I will:

Create a Personalized Parenting Plan

Meghan will create a unique family plan (JUST FOR YOU) that is practical, effective, playful, and fun

Give you ways to approach different problems

Get in-the-moment parenting tips, tricks, hacks, and advice during live 1:1 callsYou will also get messaging support between sessions

Keep you on track to meet your family goals

Once you meet your BIG family goal, you will learn how to tackle the next problem with ease.

My 6 week program,The Playful Payoff,

helps families with all kinds of issues

Big Feelings


Emotional Roller-Coasters

New Changes

Baby sibling

Potty Training

Important Relationships

Struggles with friends, siblings, or parents

This program may not be for you if...

There is past trauma

Yes, I am a licensed therapist. But, parent coaching does not involve mental health treatment.

If you need a referral, I am happy to help with that. If appropriate, I am also happy to work in conjunction with your family therapist.

There are developmental delays

If there are untreated, significant delays- this should be addressed first. Once those things are in place, is is possible this program IS for you! Click the button below for free consult

You already have lots of services in place

Sometimes, there are too many cooks in the kitchen. Many times, those cooks aren't using the same ingredients- which is confusing. A team approach can be helpful on a case by case basis, click the button below for free consult

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